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Master of Science




Dr. Gordon Osinski


This study explores the capabilities of ground-penetrating radar (GPR) in the task of characterizing ground ice and the role this instrument can play in understanding the geomorphology of the cryosphere. The first article investigates the dielectric permittivity of ground ice using on-ice common-midpoint (CMP) GPR surveys conducted over massive stratified segregation ice, non-stratified segregation ice, and polygon ice wedges located on Ellesmere and Devon Islands, Nunavut. In comparison with ice cores, it was found that the dielectric permittivity of ground ice is most influenced by the volumetric ice content. This

relationship appears to follow a modified complex refractive index (CRIM) dielectric mixing model. The second study applies the Brewster angle of incidence method to determine the dielectric permittivity of ground ice using endfire CMP surveys conducted atop the active layer. This method was able to predict dielectric permittivities within one dielectric unit of those established in the first article.



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