Date of Award


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Master of Education




Dr. Robert B. Macmillan


This thesis examines the initiative involving the implementation of elementary Literacy and Numeracy Coaches. Using a case study, I examined the challenges and opportunities with which Literacy and Numeracy Coaches were confronted. The study concluded that Literacy and Numeracy Coaches have great potential for improving student achievement and raising improved teaching strategies through professional development. However, due to several factors, including: vague role definition; implementation of too many initiatives at the same time; the shifting of the role due new initiatives encouraged by the Ministry and the board; and too little time for effective implementation, caused the coaches to be overloaded, and the schools to be unsure of the Coaches’ role, thus reducing the potential effectiveness of the Coaching initiative. This study has made a contribution to the limited research on Literacy and Numeracy Coaching in Canada and provided results that may help to inform future initiatives



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