Date of Award


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Master of Music




Dr. Omar Daniel


The primary goal o fSinfonia Concertante is to explore aformal design where a three movement chamber work is embedded within a larger, one movement orchestral composition. This unusualform presents a unique challenge, since the quartet is a completework in and ofitself, great care must be taken when adding orchestral interludes and layers on top ofthe string quartet t&preserveformal balance. The solution was tofirst compose the chamber work (i. Nocturne and Scherzando, ii. Humoresque, Hi. Metamorphosis), then to compose the connective orchestral materials (i. Introduction, ii.

Intermezzo, Hi. Lullaby), and then to add a layer o f orchestral counterpoint on top o f the movements o f the string quartet. The end result is a truly original composition which, despite the challenges o f the design, achieves all the goals I set out to accomplish.



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