Ann Langeman

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Education




Dr. Roger Clark


This thesis focuses on the transformational role art and education played in the life of a female learner and educator whose culture of origin sanctioned neither. This study uses autoethnography (self-study) as research method and postmodern theory as a framework to explore my struggle to obtain an education in Canada and develop visual art skills. The findings of my research are explored through a self portrait I created specifically for this purpose. Art and Education are a cultural transgression against Old Colony Mennonite ideology. Considerable research has been conducted on Mennonites from Mexico, however; research is unavailable on what it is like to live through the transition of life from Mexico to Canada, especially from a female perspective. I was born in Mexico, migrated between Canada and Mexico, and was eventually raised in south -­ western Ontario.



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