Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Engineering Science


Biomedical Engineering


J.A. Johnson

Second Advisor

G.J.W. King


Radial head replacement for fractures and arthritis are commonly performed; however, most available implants do not accurately replicate the complex native anatomy. This work examines the creation and surgical implantation of an anatomic implant system. Radial head morphology was parameterized using ellipse fitting to allow reverse engineering of the shape (n=50). Using the derived parameters, anatomic implants were generated for both a population “average” and patient-specific designs. Mean surface mismatch between these implant models and the native morphology was compared to an existing axisymmetric implant (n=34). Anatomic designs showed reduced mismatch relative to the existing implant with the anatomic patient-specific design performing best. A surgical navigation system was developed and tested for implant alignment. The mean placement accuracy and standard deviation was 1.5±0.5mm in translation and 1.2±1.0°, 1.4±1.8°and 5.5±3.2° in rotation about the lateral, anterior and proximal axes respectively (n=7). These studies demonstrate the feasibility of anatomic radial head implant designs; however, further work is required to improve placement accuracy.



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