Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science


Dr. Sylvia Osborn



A lot of applications enhance their security via access-control systems. XACML (exten­ sible Access Control Markup Language) is a standardized policy language, which has been widely used in access-control systems. In an XACML-based access-control system, policies, requests, and responses are encoded in XACML. An XACML implementation provides func­ tionalities to evaluate XACML requests against XACML policies.

There are many XACML libraries implemented in the Java programming language which are supposed to provide a set of Java classes that understand the XACML language, as well as the rules about how to process requests and how to manage attributes and other related data.

This thesis focuses on the performance analysis of such libraries. We first implement a framework for analysis of Java-based XACML engines. This is accomplished by creating the hierarchy of Java classes representing the main functionality of XACML engines. We then conduct experiments by means of our framework investigating performance features of such XACML engines as Sun XACML, XEngine, and Enterprise Java XACML. The proposed approach differs from previous work in the engines chosen as well as the variety of experiments conducted and their parameters.



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