The process of obtaining and retaining employment among the vision-restricted

Chelsea E. Mohler, Western University


National estimates indicate that only a small percentage of vision-restricted individuals are employed. Identified obstacles to employment include lack of access to assistive technology, inadequate transportation, and negative attitudes of potential employers. A constructivist Grounded Theory methodology was used to gain an in-depth understanding of what people with vision-restrictions, who perceived that they are successfully employed, considered to be fundamental in the search for employment. Three themes emerged from the analysis of their responses: facing and negotiating barriers, the cyclical process of seeking and keeping employment, and settling for second best. As a person with a vision-restriction, I am uniquely situated to relate to participants and to gain insight into their employment experiences. Such knowledge may enable service providers to assist clients in implementing successful strategies, may promote attitudinal changes among employers, and may inspire job seekers not to abandon their search.