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Doctor of Philosophy


When E. F. Codd {dollar}\lbrack{dollar}Codd70{dollar}\rbrack{dollar} designed relational databases, he made use of mathematical logic concerning Predicate Calculus. However, when object-oriented databases were designed, there was no such support from any established mathematical logic.;In this thesis, we present a logic suitable for reasoning about object-oriented database systems. This logic is the result of the modification of F-logic {dollar}\lbrack{dollar}KifLa89, KifLaWu90{dollar}\rbrack.{dollar} The main difference between our proposed logic and F-logic, is the way our logic treats class objects and instance objects.;Our designed logic has the ability to represent: object identities, attributes, methods, classes, class hierarchies and inheritance. Similar to F-logic, the designed logic also has a sound and complete proof procedure based on resolution. In addition, the logic has advantages over F-logic.



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