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Doctor of Philosophy


Extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields have been reported to affect Ca{dollar}\sp{lcub}2+{rcub}{dollar}dependent biological processes. Based on these reports, I hypothesized that cystosolic free calcium concentration ({dollar}\lbrack\rm Ca\sp{lcub}2+{rcub}\rbrack\sb{lcub}i{rcub}){dollar} may be influenced by ELF magnetic fields and found an increase in HL-60 cells following exposure {dollar}(P0.09).{dollar} However, experiments with indo-1-loaded Jurkat cells indicated frequency- and field strength-dependent effects on resting and mitogen-stimulated {dollar}\lbrack\rm Ca\sp{lcub}2+{rcub}\rbrack\sb{lcub}i{rcub}{dollar} levels {dollar}(P<0.01).{dollar} The findings show that ELF magnetic fields affect {dollar}\lbrack\rm Ca\sp{lcub}2+{rcub}\rbrack\sb{lcub}i{rcub}{dollar} and may explain some of the reported Ca{dollar}\sp{lcub}2+{rcub}{dollar}-dependent biological effects of ELF magnetic fields.



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