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Doctor of Philosophy


This thesis describes the synthesis of tetramesitylgermasilene (Mesityl=2,4,6-trimethylphenyl), the first example of a compound containing a germanium-silicon double bond, from hexamesitylsiladigermirane, the first compound containing a three-membered ring composed of two germanium atoms and one silicon atom. The synthesis can be effected both thermochemically and photochemically; however, the germasilene can only be characterized in solution at {dollar}{lcub}-78{rcub}\sp\circ{dollar}C.;In addition, a remarkable 1,2-mesityl rearrangement of the germasilene to form a silylgermylene is reported, with discussion describing a similar rearrangement found in tetramesityldigermene, a compound containing a germanium-germanium double bond. Finally, the thesis details initial investigations into the reactivity of the germasilene with various protic reagents and carbonyl compounds.;Throughout the thesis, emphasis is placed on rationalizing the reactivity of the germasilene with respect to similar compounds containing double bonds between the heavier group 14 elements. Comparisons to the theoretical predictions of the structure and reactivity of these compounds are included, and attempts are made to rationalize any differences between what is predicted theoretically and what is found experimentally.



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