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Doctor of Philosophy


This thesis describes attempts to prepare a germasilene, a compound containing a germanium-silicon double bond, by either a {dollar}\beta{dollar}-elimination reaction or a reductive elimination reaction.;The precursor, Mes{dollar}\sb2{dollar}HGeSiClMes{dollar}\sb2{dollar}, 1, (Mes = 2,4,6-trimethylphenyl) was prepared by the addition of Mes{dollar}\sb2{dollar}HGeLi to Mes{dollar}\sb2{dollar}SiCl{dollar}\sb2{dollar} in THF in excellent yield. We examined the effect of changing the nature of the solvent, leaving group, base and ligands on the reaction between 1 and base.;Mes{dollar}\sb2{dollar}ClGeSiClMes{dollar}\sb2,{dollar} 29, and Mes{dollar}\sb2{dollar}BrGeSiClMes{dollar}\sb2{dollar}, 30, prepared by the chlorination and bromination of 1 respectively, were treated with lithium naphthalenide (LiNp) in an attempt to prepare Mes{dollar}\sb2{dollar}Ge = SiMes{dollar}\sb2{dollar} by a reductive elimination reaction. Although a stable germasilene was not isolated from the reaction between 29 or 30 and LiNp, the intermediate formation of a germasilene cannot be ruled out.



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