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Doctor of Philosophy


This study presents an analysis of demographic, socio-economic and environmental characteristics that may influence the quantum and timing of first, second and third births among Iranian women. This study focuses on the role that these variables played in influencing the fertility behaviour before, during and after the Islamic Revolution. The birth history data gathered by the 1988 Pars Province Growth Rate Survey-Iran are used in this study. An in-depth fertility questionnaire permits comparisons before and after the Islamic Revolution. The sample contains 2511 ever married women aged 15 years and above. Since these women have different marriage experience that can influence variation in their quantum, and tempo of childbearing, the study examines the variations in fertility of women for three different marriage cohorts.;Ordinary life table and proportional hazards techniques are used to estimate the quantum, tempo and relative risks of early births. These three dimensions of fertility behaviour are assessed in relation to several covariates associated with demographic, environmental and socio-economic characteristics.;For the covariates of interest to this study, the quantum, timing, and relative risks of early childbearing are found to be generally consistent with theoretical expectations.;It is found that the impact of age at marriage slows a declining trend from pre-Revolution to post-Revolution era and points to the incentives or encouragement given by the Islamic government to early marriage. Education is the only covariate whose patterns of effects are persistent even after the Islamic Revolution.



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