James E. Wyse

Date of Award


Degree Type


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Doctor of Philosophy


The deployment of information systems technology (IST) is often justified on the presumption that improved information delivery and content will positively impact individual performance and, consequently, organizational performance. The integration of information systems undertaken by many organizations as an IST deployment tactic is based on such a presumption. This presumed relationship has not been empirically established nor has it been the subject of significant theoretical development. This investigation sought to address these deficiencies.;To provide a theoretical basis for the research, a model of information integration was constructed. This model is conceptually grounded in the work on critical success factors (CSFs). For each CSF, an information integration component is posited to exist. User information satisfaction (UIS) measures were used to operationalize constructs for information integration. Positive relationships between these constructs and performance constructs were hypothesized. Hypothesis testing and validity assessment were done by treating the model as a latent variable path model and employing Wold's method of Partial Least Squares for analysis.;The study examined information use by individuals whose performance was closely tied to organizational performance. The organization was a major Canadian insurance company and the individuals were the firm's sales representatives. Following identification of CSFs by an executive panel, interviews were held with 102 sales representatives. These interviews involved scale completion to capture manifestations of information integration and to validate CSFs. Measures of individual performance were obtained from archival data.



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