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Doctor of Philosophy


The preparation and evaluation of potential dopamine receptor imaging agents and an estrogen receptor imaging agent is the topic of this thesis. The dopamine (D-2) receptor imaging agent could be employed as a diagnosis tool for several neurological diseases and the estrogen receptor agent could be used to detect estrogen receptor positive tumors.;Three different monoiodinated derivatives of the haloperidol were synthesised as potential D-2 agents. The results of an in vitro competitive binding assay showed one derivative to have much higher affinity than the other two for D-2 receptors. This derivative was labelled with 131-iodine and biodistribution studies in rats were done to determine if selective uptake by D-2 receptors could be seen. However, over forty-eight hours no selectivity was observed.;A radioiodinating procedure based on the iododediazotization reaction was developed for preparing E and Z- ({dollar}\sp{lcub}131{rcub}{dollar}I) -iodotamoxifen (estrogen receptor agent) from the isolated diazonium salt. Presented are the results of a series of experiments in which various catalysts, diazonium salt counter ions, solvents and reaction conditions were tried. From these results a procedure was developed which allowed the preparation of 0.1 to 2.0 mCi (3.7 to 74 MBq) of ({dollar}\sp{lcub}131{rcub}{dollar}I) -iodotamoxifen in a 40 to 60 per cent radiochemical yield. The relative binding affinities of both the E and Z iodinated derivative and E and Z aminotamoxifen for estrogen receptors were determined in vitro. All four compounds showed some ability to bind, with Z-iodotamoxifen having the highest affinity and E-iodotamoxifen the lowest. The biological distributions of E and Z ({dollar}\sp{lcub}131{rcub}{dollar}I) -iodotamoxifen were determined in tumor-bearing mice. Selective uptake by both isomers was observed in the uterus and the tumors. In vivo, receptors binding was shown by a washout experiment with estradiol in mice. Also described are the results of a preclinical trial to determine E and Z- ({dollar}\sp{lcub}131{rcub}{dollar}I) -iodotamoxifen's potential as tumor imaging agents. Unfortunately no uptake in known estrogen receptor positive tumors was observed.



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