Ka-yiu Fung

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


The thesis consists of three essays. In the first essay, a two-final-good and knowledge-based growth model is built to study the patterns of economic growth in a SOE. The source of economic growth is the introduction of new intermediate goods as a result of R&D, which in turn generates dynamic IRS in both the production of one final good and R&D. The results obtained in the model are consistent with intercountry differences in growth patterns.;The second essay constructs a simple model to study how technology transfer (through foreign direct investment or licensing of technology) affects R&D intensity of domestic firms in LDCs. We have shown that both foreign direct investment and licensing of technology have a negative effect on domestic R&D intensity in host country. We also study implications from some technology policies.;The third essay models the rent-seeking behaviour in the process of the allocation of public intermediate goods among different sectors, which may be one important factor for understanding sectoral development in LDCs. By using a full-employment general equilibrium model, we also study how other policies affect the lobbying intensities by different interest groups and hence the allocation of public intermediate goods. We also discuss the misallocation of resource in the presence of this kind of rent-seeking behaviour.



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