Michael Hagen

Date of Award


Degree Type


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Doctor of Philosophy


Immunization of mice with dinitrophenyl-Bordetella pertussis (DNP-BP) failed to induce anti-DNP IgE responses. Administration of DNP-BP induced however, the formation of anti-DNP IgE B memory cells, as demonstrated by adoptive transfer. Furthermore, mice pretreated with DNP-BP and primed with 2 {dollar}\mu{dollar}g DNP-OA in alum 2 weeks later produced high day 7 anti-DNP IgE levels. These subsided to near undetectable levels by day 12-14. The transient expression of serum IgE levels was accompanied by normal levels of anti-DNP IgG. The anti-OA response induced as a result of priming with DNP-OA in alum was not affected by pretreatment with DNP-BP. IgG subclass analysis revealed that mice pretreated with DNP-BP had elevated levels of IgG2a and reduced levels of IgG1 as compared to control (TNP-KLH-pretreated) mice. Treatment of mice with an anti-IFN-gamma monoclonal antibody, shortly after immunization with DNP-BP, not only reduced anti-DNP IgG2a levels, but prevented the sharp anti-DNP IgE decline that occurred after priming with DNP-OA in alum. These results suggest that DNP-BP-induced IFN-gamma production modulates immunoglobulin isotype expression in-vivo in an antigen-specific manner.



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