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Doctor of Philosophy


This research sought to specify those aspects of the best advices of performance appraisal researchers which were related to the effectiveness of the performance appraisal process. A 150-item questionnaire was sent to 1,200 people who had participated in management development programs (531 responded). With effectiveness operationalized as influencing the motivation of individuals to work, only the practices invloved in setting goals were important, and then in only a modest fashion. However, with the definition of effectiveness broadened to include the influence of the Performance Appraisal Process (PAP) on intention to turnover and job satisfaction, almost all aspects of the PAP measured were found to be important. The aspects of best advices which organizations should include in the design and implementation of effective performance appraisal systems are: goal-setting, including the setting of difficult, specific goals, participatively established and supported by feedback; the selection and/or training of supervisors who can appraise performance in a supportive manner, and who can avoid bias in rating their subordinates, and who can also produce clear directions for future performance.



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