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Doctor of Philosophy


In this thesis, we investigate some problems concerning the exploitation of a nonrenewable resource under imperfect competition. The approach adopted here is that of partial equilibrium. The thesis consists of five chapters, with each chapter dealing with a specific topic.;In Chapter One, we study the pattern of resource extraction exected of a dominant firm facing competition from a naive competitive fringe. In Chapter Two, we build a model of monopoly resource extraction under stochastic entry with consumers as potential entrants. In Chapter Three, we build a model of simultaneous resource extraction and exploration under monopoly. Our model of exploration is spatially oriented and deals directly with location uncertainty. In Chapter Four, we present a game-theoretical model to study the phenomenon of information spillover encountered in the exploration for a nonrenewable resource. Chapter Five deals with a differential game of resource extraction under oligopoly. Here, we present a rigorous proof of the existence of a Cournot-Nash equilibrium. When the market demand curve satisfies a suitable assumption, we show that this equilibrium is unique and provide an algorithm to find it.



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