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Doctor of Philosophy


This thesis seeks to uncover the factors, regularities, and tendencies which govern and describe activity space pattern, structure, and formation in small tourism-dependent areas of the world economic periphery (hinterland resorts). Tourist/resident socio-spatial relations are viewed in the context of activity participation, the patronage of attractions, and the social profiles of tourists and residents. It is considered important that the nature of international tourism presents a special problem in the investigation of activity space; the massive influx of metropolitan visitors to hinterland resorts dramatises and localises the First World-Third World relationship. The activity spaces of tourists and residents, based on various measures of visitation at attractions, are mapped. These perspectives are then synthesized into a single picture of tourist and resident activity space, via the notion of person-time. The structure of the activity spaces is then investigated in terms of the factors which describe participation and visitation, and the factors which discriminate between tourist space and resident space. The judgements of tourists and residents, concerning the perception of each group by the other along bi-polar constructs, are used to evaluate the objective prior distinction (activity spaces) and to pinpoint the constructs that tourists associate with residents and resident places and residents with tourists and tourist places. It is shown that even though tourists and residents do not use the constructs identically, the dimensionality implied in tourist space and resident space remains intact. Finally, the social affiliations of tourists and residents are used to demonstrate how tourist space and resident space manifest themselves socially, and to show the social nature of activity space formation.



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