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Doctor of Philosophy


BP vaccine is one of the adjuvants of choice for potentiating the IgE antibody response in rodents. In the present investigations administration of hapten (dinitrophenyl)-coupled Bordetella pertussis organisms (DNP-BP) failed to induce significant levels of anti-DNP IgE antibodies in CBA mice, regardless of the presence of an additional adjuvant {lcub}Al(OH)(,3){rcub}, while high levels of IgG antibodies were produced. The administration of DNP-BP to a number of inbred mouse strains, differing in H-2 genotype showed a clear segregation into low and high IgE responder Phenotypes. The low IgE responder status of CBA mice for DNP-BP, however, was not changed by conventional methods (irradiation and cyclophosphamide treatment).;Adoptive transfer of spleen cells from DNP-BP-treated donors into syngeneic recipients resulted in a delayed and weak but statistically significant suppression of anti-DNP IgE response following challenge with DNP-ovalbumin in alum, while transfer of purified T cells was ineffective.;Pretreatment of CBA mice with DNP-BP resulted in suppressed anti-DNP IgE but not IgG responses following conventional immunization with DNP-ovalbumin(alum). The suppression was hapten-specific and appeared relatively late. Despite the inability of CBA mice to produce IgE antibody in response to DNP-Bp, IgE B memory cells were generated. These cells mounted an IgE response only when provided with appropriately carrier-primed T helper cells.;Depletion of anti-DNP and anti-ovalbumin antibodies from the serum obtained from DNP-BP-treated DNP-ovalbumin-primed CBA mice, and subsequent administration of such serum into primed and nonprimed recipients resulted in DNP-specific suppression of the IgE response following immunization with DNP-ovalbumin. Treatment of adsorbed serum with anti-DNP antibodies inhibited the binding of ('125)I-DNP-BSA in a radioimmunoassay inhibition test, demonstrating anti-idiotypic activity. The anti-idiotypic activity was found associated with a serum fraction eluting with the bulk of immunoglobulins, from sephadex G-100.;Results strongly suggested the possibility that the hapten-specific, IgE-selective, suppression in CBA mice operates via auto-anti-idiotypic antibodies directed against one or more DNP-specific predominant idiotypes.



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