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Coronal preflaring NiTi files should possess proper hardness, resistance to fracture and flexibility. This study compared the bending resistance and cyclic fatigue resistance of three orifice preflaring NiTi files. HyFlex EDM Orifice opener (#25/12), HyFlex CM (#25/08) and One Flare (#25/09) were tested (n = 46/instrument). Bending resistance was assessed with the stress when perpendicular displacement was applied to a 3 mm point from the file tip, and was performed at either room temperature (RT, n = 10) or body temperature (BT, n = 10). Cyclic fatigue resistance was tested with an artificial ceramic root canal at RT (n = 10) and BT (n = 10), and the number of cycles to failure (NCF) was obtained. The bending resistance and the NCF results were analyzed by two-way ANOVA and Tukey’s test. Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) analyses were performed (n = 3, respectively). HyFlex EDM exhibited the highest bending resistance, followed by One Flare and HyFlex CM (p < 0.05), irrespective of the tested temperature. At RT, HyFlex CM demonstrated the highest NCF (p = 0.001), while HyFlex EDM had the highest NCF at BT (p < 0.001). The tested NiTi files were composed of austenite and martensite according to the DSC and XRD results. HyFlex EDM had the highest bending resistance and NCF measured at BT.

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Oh S, Moon S-Y, Chaniotis A, Pedullá E, Al-Ghamdi AS, Al-Ghamdi FA, Mandorah AO, Perinpanayagam H, Kum K-Y, Peters OA, Chang SW. Evaluation of Cyclic Fatigue and Bending Resistance of Coronal Preflaring NiTi File Manufactured with Different Heat Treatments. Applied Sciences. 2021; 11(16):7694.

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