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Spring 4-29-2023


The Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Public Health Practice Retreat was a hybrid event held in October 2022 in London, Ontario to achieve three main goals: 1) Identify both the goals of public health practitioners and the tasks that they undertake as part of their practice to achieve those goals that could be supported by AI, 2) Learn from existing examples and the experience of others about facilitators and barriers to AI for public health, and 3) Support new and strengthen existing connections between public health practitioners and AI researchers. The retreat included a keynote presentation, group brainstorming exercises, breakout group activities, case studies, and interspersed breaks for networking and reflection. There were 38 attendees from across Ontario, and a guest speaker from New York. Major themes that emerged from discussions included the need for greater attention to AI applications in public health given the potential benefits and enthusiasm; rigorous data collection, data quality, and data accessibility as a foundational factor that needs urgent attention; and the need for an equitable systems-thinking approach to AI amidst the breadth of public health functions, interventions, and population-based applications. Attendees expressed a desire for continued engagement and collaboration between public health practice and AI researchers.

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