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In online life there is a normative supposition that the information- and image-rich environment of the web and other platforms should provide unfettered access to the circulation of all types of content. Less attention is paid to what is not seen, to the invisible—be it actual content that is rescinded, altered or removed, or the opaque decision-making processes that maintain its flow. In/visibility online is central to the intertwined functions/mechanisms of user experience and platform control, further operationalized under globalized, technologically driven capitalism. A digital labour phenomenon that is both responsible for it and relies upon it: is commercial content moderation, or CCM, taken up in this paper within the context of in/visibility.


From the forthcoming volume, Surplus3: Labour and the Digital.

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Roberts, S.T. (2016). In/visibility. In Letters & Handshakes (Eds.), Surplus3: Labour and the Digital. Toronto: Letters & Handshakes.

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