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The ongoing transformation of libraries in the digital age is marked by the adoption of new technologies and innovative services to cater to the evolving needs of users. One such example is the integration of streaming platforms like Kanopy into library systems, offering a convenient and user-friendly experience to patrons. The Toronto Public Library (TPL) has adopted Kanopy to provide its users with access to a diverse range of films and documentaries, effectively bridging the gap between traditional library classification and subject access tools, and modern streaming services (Digital Library Services, n.d.). This study aims to analyze the effectiveness of TPL's Kanopy service in addressing user needs and expectations and to explore how the service compares to other popular streaming platforms. The paper will examine the user experience of Kanopy, including its interface design, search features, and user satisfaction. Furthermore, the study will investigate the challenges faced in incorporating non-library features into library services and the implications for library interface design (Mundt & Medaille, 2011). By conducting this analysis, the paper seeks to contribute to a better understanding of how libraries can adapt and innovate to meet the changing demands of users in the digital age.