Introduction to the Issue


Research Papers/Rapports de recherche


Chemistry Professors' Perceptions of Undergraduate Learning
Tanya Chichekian, Olivia (Liv) Hua, and Bruce M. Shore


“We Learn by Doing”: Teaching and Learning Knowledge Translation Skills at the Graduate Level
Andrea V. Breen, Kate Twigger, Caroline Duvieusart-Déry, Jessica Boulé, Alessia Borgo, Reisha Fernandes, Mercerina Lychek, Sarah Ranby, Christine Scott, and Emma Whitehouse


Navigating the Tensions of Innovative Assessment and Pedagogy in Higher Education
Jennifer Lock, Beaumie Kim, Kim Koh, and Gabrielle Wilcox


Centres for Teaching and Learning Across Canada: What’s Going On?
Sarah E. Forgie, Olive Yonge, and Robert Luth


Sparking SoTL: Triggers and Stories from One Institution
Klodiana Kolomitro, Cory Laverty, and Denise Stockley