Introduction to the Issue

Research Papers/Rapports de recherche


Intersecting Interests: Qualitative Research Synthesis on Art in the Social Work Classroom
Samantha Wehbi, Amanda Cowell, Jordyn Perreault-Laird, Yahya El-Lahib, and Silvia Straka


Relationships in the Flipped Classroom
Brett M. McCollum, Cassidy L. Fleming, Kara M. Plotnikoff, and Darlene N. Skagen


SoTL Research Fellows: Collaborative Pathfinding through Uncertain Terrain
Elizabeth Marquis, Trevor Holmes, Konstantinos Apostolou, Dan Centea, Robert Cockcroft, Kris Knorr, John C. Maclachlan, Sandra D. Monteiro, and Theomary Karamanis


Graduate Student Perspectives of Interdisciplinary and Disciplinary Programming for Teaching Development
Katherine E. Bishop-Williams, Kaitlin Roke, Erin Aspenlieder, and Meagan Troop


Learning How to Learn: A Student Success Course for At Risk Students
Elizabeth R. Bowering, Joanne Mills, and Allison Merritt