Introduction to the Issue


Research Papers/Rapports de recherche


Collaborative Work and the Future of Humanities Teaching
Michael Ullyot and Kate E. O'Neill


Teaching Subjectively: Interdisciplinary Insights
Stacy Douglas, Betina Kuzmarov, Karen Schwartz, Mira Sucharov, and Sarah L. Todd


Environmental Scan of Weight Bias Exposure in Primary Health Care Training Programs
Shelly Russell-Mayhew, Sarah Nutter, Angela Alberga, Susan Jelinski, Geoff D C Ball, Alun Edwards, Scott Oddie, Arya M. Sharma, Barbara Pickering, and Mary Forhan


Exploring Local Level Factors Shaping the Implementation of a Blended Learning Module for Information and Geospatial Literacy in Ontario
Michelle M. Vine, Catherine Chiappetta-Swanson, John Maclachlan, Jason J. Brodeur, and Julianne Bagg