As we approach the 50th anniversary of CIESC, we heed Vandra Masemann’s call to “gather and reflect on our historical memory” and to strive to “build our identity and broaden our reach”. Data for this paper were gathered through a combination of interviews and document analysis. Interviews were conducted with 9 current and former OISE-CIDEC faculty and staff. Documents reviewed included: CIDEC newsletters, annual reports, director/co-director reports, CIE Journal and other academic journal article reviews, and book reviews. In order to trace the evolution of the relationship between OISE-CIDEC and CIESC, we undertook a chronological analysis broken into three sections: The Formative Years: CE at University of Toronto; OISE-CIECS relationship; Leadership and partnerships: OISE-CIDEC, CIESC and beyond; Issues of naming & identity (1960s-90s); Becoming Millennials: Impacts of globalization, internationalism and technology; and finally Post-50th Anniversary (2017): Taking the OISE-CIDEC-CIESC lessons forward.

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