This study explores the experience of migrant teachers in China. In particular, it examines how China’s market economy might have impacted on the status and living and working conditions of migrant teachers. The study adopts a case study approach, drawing on personal interviews with 21 school teachers in Shenzhen and Zhuhai of Guangdong Province. The findings reveal that despite China’s economic miracle, migrant teachers’ status and teaching and living conditions have not improved. On the contrary, they have deteriorated. Migrant teachers are paid less, live in poor housing conditions, and face heavy workload. Many teachers have to tutor outside of school hours or work a second job to make ends meet. Through an account of the experience of migrant teachers in China, this study contextualizes the concept of globalization by examining its impact on China through the influence of the market economy. It also reveals a number of social injustice and inequality in education which requires the Chinese government to take immediate actions to reduce and eliminate it.

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