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The four lancets contain renderings of the Ecclesiastical Sonnets of 1822 by William Wordsworth. The sonnets trace the sacraments and ceremonies of the Church of England. Following the four rivers that began in the round window above, the streams move across the four lancets to depict various sonnets. All the imagery is set against a Celtic cross that spreads across the four lights. To show the connection of the sonnets, of the 18 illustrations on the window, 14 are based on the sonnets. To identify the sonnets, Arabic numerals identity which part of Wordsworth text the image is from, while the Roman numerous identifies the sonnet the image is from. The four large vignettes along the cross illustrates four episodes of the life of Christ: the Annunciation, the Nativity, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection. The additional ten vignettes that circle the center of the cross are episodes from the history of the English church. The four grisaille scenes are based on the sonnets as well. The four coat of arms are for Ontario, Harvard, Huron, and U.W.O (The University of Western Ontario). Dedicatory inscription: ELEANOR CROYSDALE JARED M.A. Ph.d. Signed: DESIGNED + MADE / BY / C.R. WALLIS / ASSISTED BY / G. BINKS/ LONDON. 1983. ONTARIO. Location: West Wall. Lead Investigator: C. Cody Barteet ( Photograph: Katie Oates.


Ecclesiastical Sonnets, Doherty, Jared, Memorial, Wallis, Binks, Saint John, Arva, Wordsworth, Huron, Stained Glass


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