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Round window above four lancets making up the West Window. Dedicated in memory of the Fuller’s. Design of window if rom the Book of Revelation chapter one. Christ holds a book with the Greek symbols for the Alpha and Omega (I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and ending, saith the Lord. Rev. 1:8); To Christ’s right are seven stars (or “the angels of the seven churches, Rev. 1:20). There are twelve stars for the twelve apostles; four symbols for the four evangelists; four rivers for the four Gospels. The Trinity is referenced by the dove of Holy Spirit, Christ, and God through golden light. Additionally, the rivers flow into the four lancets below establishing a unifying connection among the lights. Location: West Wall. Lead Investigator: C. Cody Barteet ( Photograph: Katie Oates.


Christ, Revelations, Fuller, Memorial, Wallis, Binks, Saint John, Arva, Huron, Stained Glass


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