Please join us for the 2011 CERI Annual Research Symposium.

Our annual event continues to be a valuable opportunity for our local scholars to showcase their education research in academic setting, to interact with colleagues from an array of research disciplines in Health Professions Education, and to promote growth and development in our local research community through exposure to internationally-known scientists.

Our 2011 Annual Symposium featured Dr. Kevin Eva, from the Centre for Health Education Scholarship and the Dept of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Eva presented the 2011 Annual Weston Lecture in Medical Education, "Where hath the pendulum swung in clinical assessment?: Choosing between the use of expert judgment and objective tools" and an afternoon workshop, "An introduction to the science of assessment: Current practices and research needs."

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We thank all of who attended for making our 2011 Symposium one of the best events in our Centre's history.

Here's to many more years of Health Professional Education research and scholarship at Western.


Dr. Lorelei Lingard (CERI Director)

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Opening Comments
Annual Weston Lecture in Medical Education
Virtual Poster Presentations
Oral Presentations: Collaborative Practice
Oral Presentations: Assessment & Professional Development
Oral Presentations: Program Development & Evaluation
Oral Presentations: Patient Education & Decision Making
Oral Presentations: Developing Medical Simulation
Oral Presentations: Learning & Expertise
Afternoon Workshop