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‘What Are Little Girls Made Of?’ A Multi-case Study of Women’s Leader Identity Development in Coeducational and Women-only Institutions of Higher Education

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This presentation shares the conceptual map of ongoing research on the development of women's leader identity in higher education in the context of management education programs. It is designed for a non-academic audience.


Faculty Scholar 2018/19, Advanced Learning and Teaching Centre, Brescia University College.

Sharen, C. (2019). What are Little Girls Made Of? A Multi-Case Study of Womens Leader Identity Development in Coeducational and Women-Only Institutions of Higher Education. Faculty Scholar Research Symposium. Brescia University College. London, ON. March 1, 2019.

Summarizes the conceptual map of an ongoing student on women's leader identity development in higher education. The presentation was to a mixed audience of faculty, staff, alumnae, and undergraduate students.

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