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This is a mixed method, single study research project. It follows a Middle school student with Autism Spectrum Disorder and behavioral disruptions in school as he learns to utilize The Amazing 5 Point Scale as a self management tool. The data tracked severity, frequency and duration of behaviors for trends as the student learns to utilize The Amazing 5 Point Scale as a self management intervention. By factoring in an adjustment period to learning the new Self management tool, a more distinct change in behavior level frequency, duration, and severity could be seen. Data from the first half of the study was compared to data from the second half of the study to correlate with a decrease in need for verbal and visual cues to guide the student in use of their five point scale. This decrease in need for cues, signifies that the student was utilizing the self management tool more independently.


The purpose of this article is to explore the use of The Incredible 5 Point scale as a self management tool for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder experiencing behavioral disruptions.

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