Date of Award

Spring 2017



First Advisor

Professor Richard Shugar

Second Advisor

Dr. Anne Barnfield


This study investigated whether a correlation existed between involvement in a university sports team and students’ sense of belonging and academic achievement. A total of 35 participants were investigated. The study group was comprised of 12 female undergraduate students completing a first year introductory course who were members of the Western All-Girl cheerleading team and the comparison group included 23 female undergraduate students enrolled in Psychology 1000 at Brescia University College who were not members of a university sports team. Participants completed a total of four questionnaires which measured the following variables: sense of belonging, academic precursors and academic achievement. The results of a Pearson correlation indicated that there was a non-significant relationship between students’ academic achievement and the following variables: sense of belonging-psychological experiences, sense of belonging-antecedents, academic procrastination and involvement in a sports team.

Included in

Psychology Commons