Brescia Psychology Undergraduate Honours Theses

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Spring 4-11-2022




Dr. Jennifer E. Sutton


The current study investigated the association between math anxiety, math self-concept, and math self-efficacy with intention to declare a degree in psychology. Additionally, the study investigated whether knowledge of the statistics requirement in psychology was associated with psychology degree intentions and whether the three math factors were associated with time since last math course. Undergraduate students completed a questionnaire concerning their intention to pursue a psychology degree, the revised version of the Fennema-Sherman Mathematics Anxiety Scale, the Self-Description Questionnaire III Mathematics Subscale, and the Mathematics Self-Efficacy Scale. Results revealed no significant relationships between scores on the three math scales and intentions to declare a degree in psychology. However, significant, negative correlations were found between time since last math course with math anxiety and math self-efficacy scores, and all three math constructs were significant for non-psychology-interested participants. Overall, psychology-interested participants appear intent on entering psychology, regardless of the statistics requirement.

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