Brescia Psychology Undergraduate Honours Theses

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Professor Richard Shugar


This study investigated undergraduate students at Brescia University College and their degree of involvement in transition programs. Participation in the events during Orientation Week and My First Six Weeks was examined in order to determine whether the programs had an effect on the resilience of individuals who reported exposure to a potentially traumatic event (PTE). The sample consisted of 33 undergraduate psychology students. Participants completed the Life Events Checklist (LEC), which measured their PTE exposure, and the Scale of Protective Factors (SPF-24), which assessed their individual protective factors and overall resilience. 96.97% of the respondents reported a history of trauma. A Pearson correlation analysis revealed two positive relationships. The first correlation identified an association between trauma exposure and social skills. The second correlation was found between degree of involvement and social support. The results of this study are discussed in terms of the posttraumatic growth framework (Tedeschi & Calhoun, 1996).