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Brain Connectivity

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© Pubuditha M. Abeyasinghe et al. 2018. There is accumulating evidence that spontaneous fluctuations of the brain are sustained by a structural architecture of axonal fiber bundles. Various models have been used to investigate this structure-function relationship. In this work, we implemented the Ising model using the number of fibers between each pair of brain regions as input. The output of the Ising model simulations on a structural connectome was then compared with empirical functional connectivity data. A simpler two-dimensional classical Ising model was used as the baseline model for comparison purpose. Thermodynamic properties, such as the magnetic susceptibility and the specific heat, illustrated a phase transition from an ordered phase to a disordered phase at the critical temperature. Despite the differences between the two models, the lattice Ising model and the Ising model implemented on a structural connectome (the generalized Ising model) exhibited similar patterns of global properties. To study the behavior of the generalized Ising model around criticality, calculation of the dimensionality and critical exponents was performed for the first time, by introducing a new concept of distance based on structural connectivity. Same value inside the fitting error was found for the dimensionality in both models suggesting similar behavior of the models around criticality.

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