Aboriginal Policy Research Consortium International (APRCi)


Anne Morin

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Working Paper

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Aboriginal Policy Research Consortium International (APRCi)


The Policy Research Initiative (PRI) Sustainable Development Team began working on the Canadian Water Sustainability Index (CWSI) in the summer of 20051 as part of a broader project on freshwater2. Inspired by the Water Poverty Index3, the PRI developed a draft framework4 for a composite water index that could be used to assess various elements of water well-being in Canadian communities. This draft CWSI framework provided the basis for a data review and an expert workshop. Outcomes from the data review and the workshop, as well as additional consultation and information sources, were used to further refine the index framework and develop an evaluation methodology that could be tested in the field. This working paper presents the results of the field testing exercise. Despite a number of data gaps, several indicator scores were determined for the six participating communities. Overall the index was well received and the communities felt that, with some improvement, a tool like the CWSI would be useful.

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