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Aboriginal Policy Research Consortium International (APRCi)


Beginning on June 26, 2008 the Tällberg Forum will gather leaders and thinkers from seventy nations for four days of conversations and workshops related to the opportunities and chal- lenges of global interdependence. Tällberg conversations have increasingly focused on the sys- tems problems emerging from the growing imbalance between nature and human activity. Can we design, govern and manage the sustainable interaction between natural systems and the systems of human activity? Can we negotiate among ourselves the resolution of the planetary crisis? Can we find better ways to integrate the work of governments and institutions with the actions of other actors from civil society, business, finance, philanthropy or technology when tackling sustainability? The Forum will explore boundary conditions, prioritize “counter- tipping points” and generate concrete ideas and proposals for policy, strategy and institutional development that work in the interests of the whole.

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