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“To the Glory of God and in memory of Mrs. E.C. “Frances” Jams, 1882-1960. Unveiled June 16, 1963.

This window represents Faith, and the four symbols in the pane relate to this faith. The central figure is that of the ascending dove, the symbol of the Holy Spirit, with a three-rayed nimbus encircling the dove’s head. The three smaller figures below the dove each have a reference to holy symbolism. The scallop or half shell is symbolic of Holy Baptism. The equilateral triangle represents the Holy Trinity while the gold chalice and host symbolize the Holy Communion.

Information from Trumpeting Our Stained Glass Windows, Elizabeth Spicer’s catalogue of the windows from the Church of St. John the Evangelist.

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London, Middlesex Deanery, St. John the Evangelist London


Stained glass, Church, Church window, London, Ontario


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