Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine Publications


Research in Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine Publications examines patient needs and behaviours throughout surgery and recovery, including the medication of chronic pain. Areas of research include cardiovascular and circulatory studies, needs of pregnant patients, the elderly and infants along with neurological surgery anesthesia.


Submissions from 2018

Manual de Crisis en Neuroanestesia, Angela Builes

Neuroanesthesia Crisis Manual, Angela Builes

Submissions from 2010


Hypertonic Saline for Peri-operative Fluid Management, Vivian McAlister, Karen E. A. Burns, Tammy Znajda, and Brian Church

Submissions from 2009


The Sum of the Parts Detracts from the Intended Whole: Competencies and In-training Assessments, Elaine M. Zibrowski, S. Indu Singh, Mark A. Goldszmidt, Christopher J. Watling, Cynthia F. Kenyon, Valerie Schulz, Heather L. Maddocks, and Lorelei Lingard

Submissions from 2008


Rules of Engagement: Residents' Perceptions of the In-training Evaluation Process, Christopher J. Watling, Cynthia F. Kenyon, Elaine M. Zibrowski, Valerie Schulz, Mark A. Goldszmidt, Indu Singh, Heather L. Maddocks, and Lorelei Lingard

Submissions from 2005


The Microcirculation as a Functional System, Christopher G. Ellis, Justin Jagger, and Michael Sharpe

Submissions from 2003


Bench-to-bedside Review: Microvascular Dysfunction in Sepsis--Hemodynamics, Oxygen Transport, and Nitric Oxide, Ryon M. Bateman, Michael D. Sharpe, and Christopher G. Ellis