Hsieh, Henrison and Keely New (eds.). Proceedings of the Twenty-Seventh Meeting of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association (AFLA). University of Western Ontario, 2021.

The 27th meeting of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association was held online at the National University of Singapore, August 20-22, 2020


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01. Table of Contents and Preface

Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine, National University of Singapore

02. The Origins of Nominative Case in Austronesian

Edith Aldridge, University of Washington

03. NI, PNI, and Quasi PNI: Tagalog and the Typology of Incorporation

Michael Barrie, Sogang University
Moonhyun Sung, Korea Army Academy at Yeongcheon

04. Object Shift and Agent Extraction in Mandar

Dan Brodkin, University of California, Santa Cruz

05. Verbal vP-Modifiers in Samoan Verb Serialization

Jens Hopperdietzel, University of Manchester

06. Bare Passive Agent Hierarchy

Hiroki Nomoto, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

07. Processing Syntactic Ergativity in Tongan Relative Clauses

Hajime Ono, Tsuda University
Koichi Otaki, Chukyo University
Manami Sato, Okinawa International University
‘Ana Heti Veikune, USP, Tonga
Peseti Vea, USP, Tonga
Yuko Otsuka, Sophia University
Masatoshi Koizumi, Tohoku University

08. Tucking-in and Pivot-Third Word Order

Mathieu Paillé, McGill University

09. Recipes in Malagasy and Other Languages

Ileana Paul, The University of Western Ontario
Diane Massam, University of Toronto

10. (A)Symmetries in Tagalog Relative Clause Processing

Jed Sam Pizarro-Guevara, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Matthew Wagers, University of California, Santa Cruz

11. Tongan VOS: Coordination Plus Ellipsis?

Maria Polinsky, University of Maryland
Eric Potsdam, University of Florida