Hohaus, Vera, Jens Hopperdietzel and Siena Weingartz (eds.). Proceedings of TripleAFLA: 9th TripleA workshop for semantic fieldworkers, 29th annual meeting of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association. University of Western Ontario, 2023.

The TripleAFLA conference was hosted by the Department of Linguistics and English Language at the University of Manchester between 28th June to 1st July 2022. The conference was a joint event combining the 9th TripleA workshop for semantic fieldworkers and the 29th annual meeting of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association (AFLA).


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01. A unified semantics for KAMAN in Hijazi Arabic

Shatha Alahmadi, The University of Manchester

02. Non-pivot relativisation in Javanese

Tsan Tsai Chan, Universitat Leipzig

03. Definiteness of classifier-noun phrases in Nung

Esther Lam, University of Edinburgh

04. Two types of negation in Samoan and Tokelauan

John Middleton, University of Auckland

05. Two sides to the same coin: Reappraising Indonesian-type ‘passive’ and object voice in Javanese

Hero Patrianto, Victoria University of Wellington
Victoria Chen, Victoria University of Wellington

06. Malagasy framing demonstratives

Ileana Paul, University of Western Ontario
Eric Potsdam, University of Florida

07. Bipartite negation in Nduindui: Underlying structures and movements

Saurov Syed, University of Auckland
Aly Turrell, University of Auckland

08. Syntactic vs. morphological verbal concord across Austronesian languages

Yvette Yi-Chi Wu, Harvard University
Tamisha L. Tan, Harvard University, Nanyang Technological University
Giovanni Roversi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology