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The User's Manual is planned to assist the user in (i) understanding the ANEMI model structure; and (ii) learning how to use the model for policy simulation. ANEMI model is a research product and is not developed as a commercial software. This manual contains a brief description of the main features of the Vensim system dynamics simulation software (Ventana, 2010), as well as integrated simulationoptimization procedure developed by incorporating MATLAB (MathWorks, 2007) functionalities with Vensim system dynamics simulation. With the help of Vensim and MATLAB software packages, the user can use, modify and/or run the ANEMI models provided with the manual. The step-by-step instructions are provided for using ANEMI model for policy simulation. Advanced features of the ANEMI model, such as subscripting (arrays), linking external functionality to implement optimization within simulation, are presented using ANEMI simulation models as an example to accelerate the learning process. This manual also contains a detailed description of DLL (Dynamic-Link Library) file generation procedure by Visual Studio software package (Microsoft, 2008). The full description of the ANEMI model is provided in Akhtar et al (2011) available on the CD-ROM.

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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The University of Western Ontario


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