About This Journal

Word Hoard is an interdisciplinary journal of the arts and humanities. It exists to publish the work of graduate students working at Western University and across Canada, and is affiliated with the Graduate English Society at Western. Using a uniquely dialogic editorial model through which content editors respond to published articles with essays, interviews and other forms of responsive tissue, Word Hoard’s aim is to create a space for public conversation among the disciplines.

Peer edited and drawing on an editorial presence that includes students from the Centre for American Studies, the Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism, Modern Languages and Literatures, Comparative Literature, Women’s Studies & Feminist Research, and the Department of English, Word Hoard is a new community journal supported by Western University's Graduate English Society.

By pursuing an innovative editorial strategy Word Hoard hopes to create a provocative and dialogic document: we will reinforce, challenge, and supplement published articles with secondary material such as faculty interviews, editors’ commentary, and other forms of responsive tissue. Through these responses to submitted articles Word Hoard provides an architectural scaffolding for scholars to engage with and respond to one another’s work. At the journal’s core, then, is the following premise: submissions will not only be presented but also, within the body of the journal, discussed.

The Word Hoard is an ongoing yearly project that will give contributors the pleasure of seeing their words read and responded to—further evidence of our own and our colleagues’ commitment to the academic life, another sign of our communal existence.

For more information please contact wordhoard.editors@gmail.com.