Our next WCSE is July 7–July 10, 2015.

Gather + Create + Improve

In 2015 the Western Conference will borrow the above tagline from our local makerspace, UnLondon's UnLab, to inspire an event that will enliven traditional post-secondary education with the highly interdisciplinary, sleeves-rolled-up problem solving ethos of the Maker movement.

In what ways are you or your students Makers?
In what ways do your collaborative innovations make the world a better place?

The Maker movement showcases the essential role of "hacking" as a kind of generative vandalism that deconstructs everyday objects, ideas and processes in order to revision, repurpose, recombine and rebuild their essential parts into novel responses to problems.

What are your favourite educational hacks?
How do you or your students reimagine labs, lectures, courses, programs, edutech as fresh approaches to emerging challenges?

Western University will, once again, host this unique conference that pulls passionate faculty, students and educational staff together across disciplines to focus on improvements in post-secondary science education. Although issues in Canadian science will be highlighted, the conference welcomes colleagues working outside the country or outside the traditional disciplines of science. Follow the links below to access the archives of previous conferences. Watch this website/Twitter feed for developments and deadlines for 2015.

See you soon!
-- WCSE 2015 Organizing Committee

The social program will be begin in the evening of Tuesday, July 7 as we gather for a "mixer" event that will feature several Ignite talks to get the party started. The academic program will begin on Wednesday morning and run until mid afternoon on Friday. As the conference planning proceeds, we would like to keep you informed of important updates. Send a message to to be added to our mailing list and follow us on

For the program and more information:

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