Kelly Abrams, Doctoral student (Western University) BA Hons (University of Calgary)
Kaitlyn Malleau, Masters Candidate (Western University) BSc. (Laurentian University)

Welcome to another year of TOTEM: The University of Western Ontario Anthropology Journal.

We are pleased to announce that TOTEM was the second most popular publication (second only to the electronic theses and dissertations) accessed at Western in April of 2012. The journal is now included in the EBSCOhost™ database system – widely used in academic libraries around the world making TOTEM an internationally accessed journal. We have published submissions from graduate and undergraduate students in Canada, the United States and Europe.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed a manuscript last year and we look forward to reading this year’s submissions – Due January 19, 2015.

TOTEM is a peer-reviewed, student-run journal of anthropology published annually in association with the Anthropology Society and the Department of Anthropology at The University of Western Ontario (U.W.O). TOTEM’s mandate is to publish exceptional works of creative and original research by undergraduate and graduate students in any of the four sub-fields of anthropology.

Current Issue: Volume 22, Issue 1 (2014)

From the Co-Editors

For twenty years now TOTEM has been publishing creative anthropological works written by students from across the globe. Contributions from all of the various sub-disciplines of archaeological, linguistic, socio-cultural and bioarchaeological research have provided readers with insight into the novel research of graduate and undergraduate students pursuing the study of humans and human behavior. Our goal for this issue was to expand upon the exemplary work of our predecessors and to further contemporary conversations between the sub-disciplines that challenge artificial boundaries which separate the insights of each from the others. There is a thematic thread then that runs through this issue that explores how language affects our understanding of bodies and biology, how new approaches to biology might alter our assumptions regarding human bodies and behavior in the past, and how challenging expectations becomes an essential ingredient in a healthy and broadly conceived anthropology capable of including diverse approaches as additive interventions.

We are very excited to announce the winner of this year’s Editor’s Choice Award, Julien Cossette for his paper entitled “How far is it?” which highlights the role of geo-technologies in recreational activities and employs a rigorous ethnographic method that combines an adept use of theory with the authors’ fieldwork in a rarely addressed community; one which breaches the divides between online and “real” worlds, and reaches towards new ways of understanding personal risk and threatened places.

Furthermore, we would like to welcome Dr. Andrew Walsh as our unofficial TOTEM advisor, and we would like to thank him for taking an interest in the well-being of the student body at Western University by supporting one of its leading publications.

We received many interesting submissions this year and would like to thank everyone who chose to submit to TOTEM. Our authors did excellent work throughout the sometimes too lengthy review process and the peer-reviewers helped maintain the integrity of the journal through engaged and encouraging feedback. We thank everyone who contributed to this issue, all of the past editors, our colleagues and peers in the department of Anthropology at the University of Western Ontario. We hope you enjoy this issue and we look forward to your submissions in the coming years!

Kelly Abrams & Kaitlyn Malleau
Department of Anthropology
The University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario
June 2014