About This Journal

TIPS is the official journal of the Advanced Teaching Program within the Teaching Support Centre of Western University. Published three times a year, the function is to publish outstanding graduate student capstone projects that were submitted as a requirement for completion of the Advanced Teaching Program. TIPS' ISSN is 1925-4806.

The Advanced Teaching Program (ATP) is a hands-on, 20 hour seminar specifically designed for advanced graduate students who would like to develop the practical skills necessary to teach their own courses. Taught over 5 half-day sessions, the seminar touches on a number of topics including teaching strategically for maximum impact, developing and maintaining a culture of respect in the classroom, dealing with difficult students and authentically assessing student learning. In addition, participants choose from concurrent sessions designed to meet their discipline-related teaching needs such as engaging science, engineering and math students with innovative problem sets or enhancing cooperative learning in your classroom through teaching teamwork skills. Participants gain invaluable hands-on experience and practice innovative instructional techniques in unique micro teaching sessions where they receive helpful, constructive feedback from their peers and experienced team of instructors. Upon completion of a capstone project, they receive a certificate of achievement as evidence of their commitment to the development of their knowledge and skill as a teacher. Successful completion of ATP will fulfill one component of the Western Certificate in University Teaching and Learning. High caliber Capstone projects are chosen for inclusion in this journal.

The overall goal of this journal is to improve teaching and learning through provision of possible innovative teaching strategies and suggestions from all disciplines and for all people teaching in higher education. A compilation of all the teaching proposals into a journal issue allows others to learn about these ideas and adapt them. This online journal aims to recognize the efforts of individual graduate students striving to improve their own teaching, while also inspiring educators and educational support staff to implement new and exciting teaching innovations.

The graduate students whose works appear in this journal welcome feedback on their ideas. If you use or adapt an innovation, please cite the authors appropriately and feel free to contact authors to discuss the outcomes of their ideas.

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