Most Recent Additions*


Teaching by Example: A Pedagogical Approach to Animal Biology Instruction
Adam O. Brown Ph.D. and Alandeom Oliveira Ph.D.


UBC Science Writing Resources for Learning (
Meghan Aube, Gulnur Birol, Alice Cassidy, Thomas Deane, Eric Jandciu, Randall Lau, Katelyn Low, Anita Restivo, and Jaclyn J. Stewart


Self-generated questions as a study tool: use and impact of in an introductory Biochemistry class
Joshua M. Martow, Robert A. Goldfarb, Chris Brandl, and Derek T. McLachlin


Shifts in Students Attitudes toward an Integrated Math and Physics Curriculum
James H. Howard Mr, Joanne Omeara Dr, and Martin L. Williams Dr


InterCLASS: A short interdisciplinary Attitude Survey.
James Charbonneau and Chris Addison


Student feedback from beginning to end: a new course evaluation model
Jonathan Witt Dr, Carey Bissonnette Dr, and Mary E. Power Dr


We "flipped" but did it work?
Ken Hoekstra, Stephen P. Forsey Dr., Julie M. Goll, and Mary E. Power Dr

*Updated as of 07/02/15.